Brain Injury Links
Brain Injury Association of America –

This non-profit offers education, prevention, research, and advocacy programs to improve the lives of individuals with brain injury, their families, and friends.

Traumatic Brain Injury Model –

This site describes 16 centers in the US that provide comprehensive systems of TBI care and rehabilitation.

National Library of Medicine’s Medline Plus –

This government site provides comprehensive information and links. For its section on head and brain injuries, type “TBI” into the search engine.

Brain and Spinal Cord .org – was created and sponsored by the Swope Rodante law firm as a knowledge-base for brain injury and spinal cord injury survivors.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention –

This government site provides information on brain injury, including links to publications. Type “TBI” into its search engine.

Brain Injury Association of New Jersey –

Brain Injury Association of New York –

New Jersey TBI Fund -

New Jersey Medicaid TBI Waiver program –

Search GuideStar's database of more than 1.5 million nonprofit organizations –

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