Donna Kuns
I am truely, a living walking, talking miracle, and I thank the Lord every day, for allowing me to remain here.

I will share my story of TBI.
32 years ago,in 1980, at the age of 27, I was assaulted during a robbery at a gold and silver shop.
I was beat repeatedly in the head with a double-headed ball peen hammer, they use to do body work on cars.
The last thing I remember hearing was"She's dead, we can leave now."
When I was found, they thought I had been shot in the head, because most of my skull was shattered, and lying in a pool of blood all around me on the floor.
I was given a 10% chance of living, and if I lived, they had no idea what condition I would be in, because of the extent of the brain damage.

With the grace of God, positive thinking, excellent doctor's, support from friends and family, and determination...I made it.

My left side was paralysed, I had to learn to walk, talk, and live, again.
I was back to work within a year!
My assailant, was allowed to plea bargain, "to spare me from a trial", and got a light sentence, then was parolled after 3.5 years.

He moved to his home state, and in 1993, murdered his preachers wife.
I went and testified at the sentencing phase of that trial... So much for sparing me from having to go through a trial!, Plus, it cost a person's life!
He is now in prison, with a sentence of death, plus life, plus one hundred years.. He will never hurt an innocent person, again!
He's been on death row for 19 years.

Our government spends more to support him, than me!
Trust me when I say this, but I would live on the streets, rather than see him free!
I did not go on disability, until 1990, when doctors ordered it, and would not let me work.
I have an income of 984/mo, from Social Security Disability.
It's not much...but I get along!
I don't drive because I'm blind on the left side of both eyes, from optic nerve damage from the head injury.
I walk, and take public transportation every where I go.

I went to my firstmeeting of the TBI Foundation, here in San Diego, just this last Saturday.

They had speakers, on neuro disorders, and holistic approach to dealing with them them.
Very informative. I learned things from them, and they learned things from me.

There were about 60 people there, some therapists,doctors, aides, parents, but mostly survivors.
I was the longest survivor, and had the fewest major disabilities.

It made me realize, even more than I already did, just how fortunate I am, And Thank-you God, again for letting me be here!
It was an awesome feeling to be able to be a positive example for others with TBI.
To be able to a living person in front of them, proof that positive thought, therapies, determination, belief in "the big Guy up there", and belief in yourself really can work. I will be attending there monthly meetings from now on, mainly because it felt so good, to help others.

Walk about 10-15 miles a week, even with a brace on my foot, because of spastiscity!
I lost sense of taste and smell, lost sensation on my left side,
I have lived with the disabilities so long, they are just a part of me...and I have adapted well.
I live alone, and am able to take care of myself well.

What I am hoping you may be able to help with, is information on down payment assistance, to enable me to purchase a small condo for myself.

I am aware of the state programs for a silent second, and have been trying to access them.
I have mostly rented just a room to live in because that's all I can afford.
I've been on the list for section 8 housing for over 5 years, and still waiting.
I just want a little place, to call home.