Kady Zumwalt
On September 21, 2011, Randolph mom, Kady Zumwalt, suffered a severe brain hemorrhage placing her in a coma in the Overlook ICU in Summit. While recuperating, Kady had a second severe hemorrhage which required brain surgery to save her life.

Kady's hemorrhages have been caused by a very rare condition, Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM). AVM occurs in the brain when arteries connect directly to nearby veins without having normal capillaries between them. An AVM rupture is due to pressure and damage to a blood vessel which reduces blood flow to the brain. Kady is incredibly strong and has the love, support and prayers of her family and many friends as she recovers.

Kady and Jim Zumwalt are parents to 3 small children, Rylan 6 months, Evie, 4 and Wesley, 7. Kady and Jim relocated to New Jersey from Illinois in August and have no local family. Kady is receiving rehabilitation at Park Terrace, a sub-acute facility in Queens, NY. Jim has hired a wonderful woman to care for their three children during the work week, both Jim and Kady's families visit frequently to be with Jim and the children while Kady is hospitalized, and meals have been arranged for the family by a very close neighbor. Jim has done a wonderful job in keeping a calm household for the children but they miss their mother very much.

Kady has recently become more alert. Rehabilitation in the next 6 to 12 months is critical for her long term recovery. Unfortunately, Kady's ongoing care is at a crossroads. Due to her limited responsiveness, Kady's insurance carrier believes that her care should be placed in the hands of a nursing home, which means that she will not get the ongoing specialized rehabilitation for her brain injury that she needs.

This is not an option for Kady's family, who are working very hard to get Kady into a bed in a sub-acute facility in New Jersey to both continue her rehabilitation closer to home and to continue critical rehabilitation. In order to pursue this course, Jim and his family will need financial assistance to cover Kady's mounting medical bills. Kady's immediate need is for $100,000 although her long term care could reach $500,000.

No one wants to see Kady's progress to end here. Kady has a very full life ahead with her 3 children and family. She has so much more to gain and so much more to give. Please help Kady to continue her rehabilitation treatments.

Here is the fastest way to act:

Kady has been accepted as a grantee of the T-Bird Foundation (Traumatic Brain Injury Recovery Drive), a 501(c)(3) non-profit, providing funds for those with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). When you donate to T-Bird, funds will be made available to Kady for her ongoing medical and therapy needs.

Check donations are preferred as fees are deducted from your credit card donation. Please make your check payable to “T-BIRD Foundation” and write “Kady Zumwalt” in the memo line and contact Carol Monahan on Facebook or prayforkady@gmail.com and mail to:

c/o Carol Monahan
P.O. Box 64
Mt. Freedom, NJ 07970

To read about the T-Bird foundation, please go to http://t-birdfoundation.org/. If you would prefer to donate online, the website is still being prepared for Kady. Please navigate to www.t-birdfoundation.org. Follow the instructions to donate. In the textbox under “Designate my Donation”, please be sure to type in the name “Kady Zumwalt”. If your organization works with the United Way, please consider directing your donations to the T-Bird Foundation.

Thank you in advance for any assistance that you are able to provide for Kady. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. You can follow Kady's progress on Caring Bridge at http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/kadyzumwalt or on Facebook www.facebook.com/prayforkady. Please pass this letter on to your friends, colleagues and neighbors..... this family needs our help.