Keaton Rush
A note from Glenda Rush about Keaton Rush:

Keaton Gary Raye Rush was born March 10, 2008 to Trivian Grace Rush. Keaton was a normal healthy boy and was a very cheerful little boy who liked to shake his shoulders and smile at people. Keaton suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury at the tender age of 8 months. He was flown to Trinity Hospital in Minot ND and then airlifted to Merit Care Hospital in Fargo ND. Keaton spent two months in a medically induced coma to care for his swelling brain. Keaton fought a hard battle to survive, his little spirit never gave up. His grandmother Glenda Rush and his mother along with the support of their church missionaries never let a day go by without gathering around his hospital bed in the PICU to pray and ask the Creator to be with him. Keatons mother passed away in a car accident on august 23, 2009. He has been in his grandmothers care since.

Keaton has been home and has received services for his disability in areas of physical and occupational therapy. He receives music therapy and is slowly improving. The family had to adjust to a major change with Keaton, alot of questions and heartache and of course anger. Trivians brothers have adjusted and help with his care. The community health programs have helped with transportation to his appointments in Minot, which is a 140 mile roundrtip. He attends the Headsrtart Program and is in a regular classroom with the therapists traveling to do his therapies with him.

Gary Rush who is a well known artist, wants to honor Keaton and all children who have suffered TBI's with a walk during a Tribal Celebration in New Town, ND. It will be called Keaton's Walk. Gary is designing t-shirts to disperse at the event. It will be held August 14, 2011. Keaton is named after Gary who is his grandpa.

The family is having fundraisers to help with the cost of the t-shirts and what ever we can get for the walk. We are also asking for donations to help make the world aware that all children who have suffered brain injuries deserve a normal life and education as all children.

A note from Gary Rush about the God's Choice Walk:

I am Gary Rush, one of the grandfathers of Keaton Gary Ray Rush. I am also the designer of the t-shirts being made for the participants of the "God's Choice Walk." As my sister Glenda "Cookie" Rush has shared with you the need to bring people together that are caring for a child with special needs. To let them know, they are not alone. There others that know what each care giver is going through, in good times, and in not so good times. Little Gary Ray has taught us many good things, things that we would have never learned. Once again, thank you.

If you would like to contribute to this worthy event, click on the Donations link on our Home page. Be sure to reference Keaton Rush or the God's Choice Walk on the donation form. Thank you for supporting Keaton!